To Whom It May Concern


It is with great privilege that I write to you in recommendation of Nicole du Plessis.


Until the end of 2010, I have been Nicole's senior graphic design lecturer. (3rd year) I found Nicole to be a very hardworking individual that does not give up and is always open to suggestions. She was a great student and her work has had a great influence on the following year's students.


Nicole is a talented graphic designer, with a strong flair for a visual and fine artistic influence.

During her final year here at Andrew Owen School of Art, Nicole has introduced a completely new angle to design: she introduced a strong visual and textured approach into her design portfolio. This gave her work a very hands-on feel, which (due to technology) tends to get lost in the design industry.


While Nicole has been a great student, she also was a friend, and still remains so to many of the other students and to myself. Her online portfolio is watched and updated daily, and many of my current students still draw inspiration from her work.


Though we were all deeply disappointed to have Nicole finish up and leave the college last year, I highly recommend her for employment with your organization. She is a team player, a very creative person and a very hard worker.



Kind Regards,

Shaun Liddle - Senior Graphic Design Lecturer (Andrew Owen School of Art)

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